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Some of the comments I have been receiving, thanks to each contribution and for your time.

watching your beautiful pictures and your website carried my thoughts away and gave me a really warm feeling. It reminded me of when I was in Benin and realized how complicated we have made life and how much we are alienated from nature. I would really like to learn how you manage to keep in touch with the essence of life in this over-complicated world.

Ciao Cristiana
prima di tutto scusami se ti rispondo cosi in ritardo. Il blog mi piace e le immagini dei dipinti sono molto chiari e ben visibili (che bello vedere anche il "nostro" quadro!). Non so se si può fare ma io farei una pagina iniziale (o due) con le immagini più piccole dei dipinti (tipo un sommario) per avere una idea iniziale dei vari quadri. Poi le immagini dei quadri con le note cosi come hai fatto per alcuni va benissimo.  

Sergio Purpura
Splendidi !
Non sono un esperto, ma queste opere mi comunicano una grande armonia ed un senso di calore avvolgente.
Davvero una piacevole scoperta, tanti auguri per la tua attività.
Un abbraccio.

Ciao Cristiana.
Per essere pignoli e critici:
a) il colore del sottofondo è molto bello;
b) avrei messo uno spazio maggiore tra una tela e l'altra;
c) la tua foto non si ingrandisce;
d) in alcune tele sono tagliate le misure e/o i prezzi.
Comunque l'effetto è molto bello e anche i quadri!  
Un salutone!

Ciao Cristiana,
ma che bello!!! Io non mi intendo molto di blog a prima impressione mi piace molto...i quadri sono davvero molto belli: insomma proprio un bel lavoro!!

Ciao Cristiana,
The page looks great! Good idea.
I like the colours and the text, it looks professional.
And the paintings are of course beautiful.

Since one of the main goals (I guess) is to sell paintings I am wondering abou:
Who will look at the site?
What kind of people do you want to look at the site?
How will you draw their attention to the site?
Will you advertise it?
These are things that I am wondering also about my own site if I am doing things correctly

Dear Cristiana!
It took a few days before I found time to see your blog.
I am impressed.
First of all I did not really realise how many painting you made. Second of all - Africa has strong influence on you, but in positive way, I think. And it is more than obvious that your paintings are positive. I also like visual impression on your blog. Keep on in that way!

MY GOD ! ! !
i knew that Christiana , the Mermaid  is a creative soul but i didn' that she can do magic with colours . SOOO beautiful paintings !
Christiana , i have shown your work to one of my friend AAbid Surti , veteran artist , cartoonist and writer and this is what he says
"The paintings are beautiful. The Technic is unique. Combination of oil, batik n gold leaf i've not seen anywhere before. On top of that the colors are tribal. The feeling is of folk art. The innocence that emerges from each painting touches you deeply. All the best...  "

his website -

Marie Jedla

Hi Cristiana,

Thanks for asking for my opinion on your blogspot. I think your paintings are very beautiful and something which many people might like to own. I didn't realize that you have quite such a talent. I think a blog like this is great to display your artwork and the breadth of it. I love the colours in your paintings...I think they show your dreamy side...the wish to make like better and more beautiful for all. I think it very much represents the kind of person you are and always have been since I have known you.

I think that you writing a commentary for your work is important but you want to be sure what you want to portray. In my opinion, your commentary should not be a simple description of your work, it should be a window to your soul. I would like to see you write something more personal and bring in more of your thoughts in those descriptions of yours than you have done at present. More about you as a person, what you think of the world, more about what you experienced as part of your work in those parts of the world, more about what has inspired you to paint these paintings, maybe a small personal story about the people in the pictures if there is one...a commentary about what you have seen and you would like to see happen in those parts of the world...something which can touch people and which can inspire! Bring us into your world Cristiana, those of us who have never had the chance to do what you have done with your life, and would have loved the chance to do it and those of us who still dream for a better world for us and future generations. A painting like you paint is really beautiful to own, but how much more it can signify if there is some worthwhile commentary behind it. It can make your paintings about so much more than just what is on the canvas! This is your opportunity to present to the world what sort of person you are and what sort world you would like to see emerge, with this being a small your contribution to this vision. That can make the distinction between you being a simple pretty pictures artist and a real person there to inspire others. I hope when you are finished with your blogspot, you would have written us more about what you have done in your life till now so we can better understand your pictures and vision. Hope you get what I am saying!

OK take care for now Cristiana, love you always,

Your friend, Marie

Some of my paintings_oil and batik

Amizade (Friendship), Oil on canvas 60,5x69,5
Price is available on demand
Armonia  (Harmony)_Oil on canvas, 38,5x54
This painting is no more available
This painting was created by magic! following my arm, the pencil was an extension of it. I enjoyed every single step of this painting. I love the expression of the eyes, especially the woman’s ones. And the position of the bodies, a deep together love committment. The yellow is light, joy and harmony!
Bruxa, oil on canvas, 30x40
Price is available on demand
Dolcezza per un figlio  (Sweetness for a new born baby) _ Oil on canvas, 60x120
Price is available on demand
I was working in Moçambique, running a water and sanitation project, I was mostly living in rural villages, dealing with women and children, and was in charge both of a feasibility study and of the empowerment and awareness campaign components. Many sugar cans around, the first time for me to see them, and many young women going to become mothers..the link was natural: sucking the sweet sugar from the can gives the same nectar to the new born baby. At the same time, I wanted to point out the hard work these women do in the fields.
Dolce tepore di un sonno condiviso, oil on cotton, 69x46,5
 Price is available on demand

GEA, oil on canvas, 70x55 
Price is available on demand

L’attesa (The waiting), oil and volcanic sand on canvas , 54,5x 75,5
This painting is no more available

Madre (Mother), oil on canvas, 60x80 
Price is available on demand
Malizia, oil on canvas, 86,5x116 
Price is available on demand
Maternità Africana (African motherhood)_ Oil on canvas, 50x60 
Price is available on demand
 One of the paintings I love more! I made it while I was living in Moçambique, it came very spontaneously. Africa is like a big mother, gives birth, embraces.
Failure of this natural progression – becoming mother - brings so much anguish, shame and despair to the family but much more to the woman affected. Africa is frequently represented as the figure of a woman, mothers and motherhood remain a powerful symbolic force, women as both victims and agents of change.  Africa's future is as an engine of global economic growth which will be directly linked to the status of women on the continent. Africa will rise when women take roles as educated and equal partners in society. Africa’s future is female.

Nella bottega dei vasi, oil on canvas, 50x60
This painting is no more available

Pausa bevendo lanho (Coconut water break), oil and sand on canvas, 83x63 
Price is available on demand
Quadretto familiare (Family portrait), oil and batik, 50x70 
Price is available on demand
Sensualità (Sensuality), oil and batik, 62,5x69,5
Price is available on demand
Soffio di donna, oil and sand on canvas, 60x80
This painting is no more available
Sognando (Dreaming), oil on paper, 50x30
Price is available on demand

Stupore infantile (Childish woder), oil and sand on canvas, 20x30
This painting is no more available

Una pittura da Zonca (A painting from Zonca), oil on canvas, 30x40
This painting is no more available

Wicca _Oil and silver leaf on canvas,40x50
 This painting is no more available
 I was living on a sailing boat at that time, and felt a very strong connection with nature. Wiccan believe that the spirit of the One, Goddess and God exist in all things, in the trees, rain, flowers, the sea, in each other and all of natures creatures.   This means that we must treat "all things" of the Earth as aspects of the divine, and respect them.

Venditrici di spezie (Spices sellers), oil and sand on canvas, 104x124
Price is available on demand

Xi-coração (Crossing hearts), oil and sand on canvas, 60,5x69,5
Price is available on demand

Un abbraccio (A hug), oil and sand on canvas, 50x60
 Price is available on demand

Ricordo del Bangladesh (Memory of Bangladesh)_ Oil on canvas, 91x125
This painting is no more available
I was working in Bangladesh at that time, for a microcredit program aimed to the empowerment of  rural women in Jessore. I still have fond memories of this overwhelming and yet charming Country. Its creative endeavors inspired me to paint these women and their lively dresses during the everyday life in the market. When I finished the painting, there were only three figures, then – all of a sudden – the fourth one appeared: the woman wearing fresh flowers in her hair. She had just to emerge from the canvas, and I made her alive. I used a volcanic sand, mixing it with oil colours.
Please, take some time to know more about this Country (extreme poverty , extraordinary birth rate , devastating effects of floods and cyclones, the 1971 mass killings - one of the most concentrated act of genocide in the XXth century, environmental consequences of shrimps industries/prawn culture, and so on).

Un pomeriggio a Quelimane (An afternoon in Quelimane)_Oil, 30x40
This painting is no more available
In 2003 I have been invited to go to Moçambique again (my third time) in order to consider a job proposal. That’s a draw I made during an afternoon in the city of Quelimane, town and seaport on the Indian Ocean, where I had previously spent several months, during my former stay in the Zambezia region. Agriculture is by far the largest industry, nine-tenths of the population is rural. Although only 5 percent of the land is arable, 80 percent of the people work in agriculture. The farming techniques are primitive, involving few tools and work animals. Women in rural areas generally keep their traditional garb of long strips of fabric with brightly colored African patterns, that are wrapped around the body, under the arms, and over one shoulder. They also have retained the traditional head scarf or turban. Young children rarely are separated from their mothers. It is customary for women to tie their babies to their backs with a strip of cloth and take them along when they work in the fields.
State of mind_Oil and gold leaf on canvas, 30x50
This painting is no more available
In 2004, I took a break from my humanitarian committment in the developing countries. In fact I wanted to reflect on the real effectiveness of foreign aid, as I had the impression that everything was keeping  going back to the same failed ideas that prevent most aid money from actually reaching the world’s poor.  I believe there must be another  way to reduce the suffering, and giving back dignity to the disadvantaged people. With this state of mind, I started a new life in Sicily, preparing myself for a new committment, on a more bottom-up level, to be again implemented in the developing countries. The Humanitarian Foundation I am delivering my heart and my time to is named More Than A Drop. Please, visit us on and support us!
This painting, made using for the first time some gold leaves, remarks the beautiful chaos inside, the one that makes you aware of what your heart really beats for.

Unconditional love_Oil on canvas

This painting has been conceived and created for my friend Lydia and her newborn baby Wanja. I thought of mother and child at one with the nature, expressing their tenderness through the white flowers. The deep blue of the sea and the green and ochra of the wood surround  this hug and cherish this  profound link. No boundaries, no profiles in the figures to express a no limit horizon of unconditional love.